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I like to have a variety of music on-hand, since I’m usually in “phases” when it comes to music. I recently realized that I like more indie songs right in the summer, and more slow songs around valentine’s day =D


  • Radiohead, Dashboard Confessionals, Queens of the Stone Age, Kings of Leon:  light to moderate rock
  • Lily Allen: i love her lyrics, her cheerful tunes, and her british accent! Her 2nd album + “Who would’ve known” is a must-listen!
  • Deathcab for cutie, The Postal Service: you really have to appreciate their lyrics.
  • Daphne loves Derby: nice new york band, with a korean lead singer that totally sounds white.
  • Regina Spectrek, Ingrid Michaelson, Adele – “Chasing Pavement” ‘s music video is love.

Mainstream Pop – top 40 is sometimes easy on the ear, and the brain.


I need to do some explaning for the chinese, since not everyone’s familiar with everything.

Jay Chou: loved 2nd-5th album, his composing skills, in my opinion, went downhill from there. I think he’s too comercialized. Personality wise: cocky v_v

Leehom Wang: excellent talent, but I only find myself like a couple of songs from each of his albums.

Jolin Tsai: she’s commercialized, sure. but she’s also the hardest-working Taiwanese singer I’ve heard of. Please google “Acquired Talent DVD”.

Jasmine Leung: her soft voice is so powerful at times.

that’s it for now, i don’t have time to type out my every thought. will update this list later.

a k-drama and a tw-drama short review will be up some time …. soon =d


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