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February 22, 2009

My Queen – 敗犬女王

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7 episodes aired so far.

My Queen: I was a bit hesitant about Ethan taking on “older-girl-younger-guy” coupling role. SETTV tried so many times to make the male characters act younger than their age. (Ying Ye 3+1, Bull Fightting, need I say more?) But Ethan was completely convincing in his role of “25-year-old who smiles on the outside, but bleeds on the inside because of his dead girlfriend”. A lot of storylines are recycled, but it depends on how you spin it that differentiates your story from other dramas, and the way the actors portray their character. The chemistry between Ethan and Cheryl was astounding. Cheryl exudes the right mix of tenacity and vulnerability as WS, so it plays off perfectly against Ethan’s warm-heartedness and naivty/masculine maturity(?). He radiates a manly charisma and confidence you feel like he can take on WS. She needs a strong man otherwise she’d crush him, because she’s already a strong character (on the outside) herself. I like this balance of comedy, genuine emotional struggle, smooth plot and character development, and yet it is paced well. So far so good. one more thing: ep 8’s preview made me teary =( this isn’t suppose to happen when you watch previews!


幸福的抉擇 I Do? Wallpaper goodies

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Enjoy. credit to tvb and other “I Do” official sites.

February 21, 2009

幸福的抉擇 I Do? – TW Drama Review

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TW Drama I Do

Title: I Do
Chinese Title: 幸福的抉擇
Official websites:
Astro on Demand –…gram.asp?id=51
TTV – =

Main Cast:

Blue Lan (李浩哲)
Annie Liu (劉心悠)

My preliminary review: I haven’t watched all the episodes yet, (I watched until ep 8, but I took a peak at the last two episodes =D)

It’s seriously an awesome drama, it’s not those addictive, prince-charming, romantic comedy, or anything near the fairy-tale “tone”. I’ve grown to really like the male actor’s acting ability over the last couple of years, and I really like his portrayal here in “I Do?”. I admit that at times I was frustrated at him for acting childish, stubborn, but that’s what makes this drama so realistic.  His situation is pretty typical in an Asian drama: estranged rich family, stubborn hot rich guy, cold on the outside, sensitive on the inside. The main female character’s story was also a bit typical: poor background but motivated in life, soft and considerate, nice in every way, strong-willed and tough when facing adversity, breaks down once in a while. But the two main actor and actress were able to convey so much more depth to their character that I could feel their pain and emotion throughout the drama. I guess their basis for love was founded at a time when both of them were undergoing difficult times in their life, so having each other beside you was not only love, but an encouragement to embrace and live life meaningfully.

This drama explored a lot of mature themes and different outlooks on marriages. The side-story that revolves around Hao Zhe’s two mothers and his father juxtaposed the love story of the modern generation really well. You get to see love manifested so many ways. The older generation’s love story is basically: marrying some else to make someone jealous, leaving someone to pursue a career but still love him for all her life, loving someone unconditionally and knowing that he loves some else more, and unconditionally take cares of his business and raise his son. Man, all the sacrifices one makes for love =(

Back to the main plot: I like Summer and Hao Zhe’s moments together. They really look like newly-weds from the episodes that I’ve watched. I swear 99% of the drama was stirred up by the jealous MeiLi (2nd female character). Summer and Hao Zhe went through so much torture because of her sabotage. But then again, relationships will grow when you get past the confusions, misunderstandings, and when you learn to trust, and learn to forgive each other.

I quite like the ending, though I had hoped that I would get to see their baby born, and maybe see a bit of Summer and Hao Zhe living together once again. But I guess this is a drama, and when both the female and male character have learned their lesson, and when the jealous third-parties have given up sabotaging the relationship, they deserve a happy ending together.

Random Moments that I loved so far:
– bed scene in ep 4: Summer fell asleep in Hao Zhe’s bed, and Hao Zhe took pictures with her sleeping peacefully, and finally they slept side-by-side.
– when they play with hello kitty dolls, when they hugged, touched noses, everything happy thing they did together =D
– when summer and Hao Zhe got divorced, summer played with the Hello Kitty dolls again, and imitated Hao Zhe’s voice.
– Spoiler: After summer lost her memory, (this is near the end), Hao Zhe walked Summer home in the rain, and covered Summer with his jacket. Hao Zhe answered summer’s questions about her ex-husband, and Hao Zhe’s ex-wife, without revealing the true identities. I could see how much Hao Zhe was struggling while holding back so much information. (Summer’s parents did not want her to remember her painful past relationships).

Note on soundtrack:

I’m loving: 梁靜茹《屬於》 and 丁噹《猜不透》

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