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August 2, 2007

My Lucky Star ep 1

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Li Ya Wei – “Love In Haste” (My Lucky Star OST, 2007).


I give up trying to summarize everything, because 20 episodes of summary are too much for me. And you probably know all the characters by heart now, and if you don’t, well, do some digging in the asian fanatics forum. =D But here’s a quick recap of the exciting parts in ep1:

1. Ah Xing dressed in fake haute-couture and tries to sell fake jewelry to a middle-aged lady.

mls ep1 cap

I wish i can capture how cheerful she is, so cheerful that her act is ridiculously see-through yet very cute. This scene wasn’t particular notable, but i thought i should cap it for future reference (life of a con-artist, lol) (See how she dresses in ridiculously fashionable clothing, and how she wears those white gloves =D)

2. Ah Xing gets chased by cops when she tries to sell fake jewelry, and runs into Tian Qi, who refuses to let her go because he believes that she has stolen his earrings.

The cops catch up to Ah Xing, and capture Ah Xing.

Tian Qi is left dumbfounded, and feeling kind of sorry that she is going to jail because of her love (love this expression, and many other to come =d). Ah Xing walks off with the cops bitterly.

I love how he looks like he’s sharing her pain of losing her love, since he just got rejected moments ago by his girlfriend. Of course, you can’t really ignore the sappy music and narration that plays in the background….“This day, on the same street, two people were abandoned by love at the same time. One was me, who possess the riches of the jewelry empire. The other was the thief who went to jail for love. But neither of us thought that this chance meeting was actually the start of a new relationship.” Yes, 2 stars for the cheesey narration at the beginning of this drama, but o well, i love his facial expression. Script writers, you’re forgiven…for now.

3. Ah Xing in prison.

Her parole speech: she seriously can put out a “convincing” act in front of others. Once again, the director has Ah Xing going for the exaggerated speech — for comical relief? or maybe it is placed here to characterize Ah Xing as a typical (maybe professional) lair. I rolled my eyes a couple of times (in a good way) when I watched this scene.

^”Tomorrow is another day!” this was definitely too dramatic, but the woman smiled, which made me roll my eyes a couple of times more.

5. washroom scene. self-explanatory. =D

boom, the washroom stall’s door falls down after a violent struggle….

Tian Qi looks at Ah Xing disbelievingly. (She walks off after saying, “we’re even”. )

6. Post-washroom encounter

^splash!!!! as Ah Xing and Tian Qi both leave the airport after the awkward bathroom moment, Tian Qi sees Ah Xing trying to catch a ride. Smirking, he deliberately drives closer to the curb and splashes water all over her. Ah Xing, of course, curses the pig and scrunches up her face to form those typical Korean actresses’ angry faces. (cute)

I guess what drew me to My Lucky Star was probably the facial expressions of both leads. The leading male undeniably
exudes a youthful charisma of a Taiwan idol, while the leading female acts out the role with a typical Korean cutesy cheerful attitude (who curses with scrunched facial expressions when the male lead treat them badly). This unique combination is definitely worth noting in the drama.

7. the engagement party of Tian Yu and Ya Rou, Tian Qi’s ex-girlfriend.

“can your love be divided?”

“yes, desire and love can be divided.”

^he stole the necklace when he forced a kiss upon her. oh, how far will you go to get your revenge. (or get your love?)

8. Tian Qi is on the run after stealing Queen Mary. He bumps into Ah Xing, and ends up in the typical awkward fall where he lands on top of her, as if he is about to kiss her. Luckily the story quickly moved past this and did not probe into this accident any further, because Tian Qi must run away from his bodyguards. (I hate it when the characters come up from the fall looking extremely awkward.)

the following moment is self-explanatory….

Fate plays a pivitol in both Greek Tradegies and Idol Dramas. In this case, the boy and the girl were HANDCUFFED BY FATE. Here the theme of handcuff reinforces the girl’s status as a con-artist, and serves to foreshadows the couple’s future. Junior High school english essays, anyone? lol

9. Tian Qi is dragged around by Ah Xing while she tries to find her fiance. Wait, Tian Qi would have followed her willing, I think, regardless of whether he is still handcuffed to her or not. I am convinced that he starts to feel that he can trust this stranger already.

^will you just look at his amused look when Ah Xing tries to threaten him by saying that her fiance is a gang leader.

v I think he is genuinely amused by her personality.

hero comes to rescue….

When Ah Xing’s fiance pushes her out of his way in order to carry his pregant wife to the car, Ah Xing is deeply hurt inside. Seeing this, Tian Qi took her hand…

Why must Ah Xing be so nice???? Then again, a baby’s life is on the line. Since Ah Xing has grown up without her parents, it is natural for her to put family first. But because she puts family before love, someone (a third party, namely Tian Qi) subconsciously is touched by her actions, and perhaps, subconsciously is already falling for her.

^ Evidence of how Tian Qi is touched by her actions as he tries to comfort her.

The second last two caps were taken from asian fanatics, and they are pretty self explanatory.

but boy, Tian Qi, you’ve just met Ah Xing today, and you’ve just got rejected by your ex-girlfriend, so I guess you must be super lonely. So holding onto some crying stranger’s hand is completely understandable. Yup. Completely.

I love the leading characters’ expressions and their constant bickering, I can’t help but feel that SETTV dramas are just a tad bit too corny. I mean, the son of a CEO of a jewelry empir? Why must it always be a rich guy?

I remember reading a survey a fanfic writer put out to her(assumed) readers, what profession would you want “xxxx”(leading male) to have? Her options were hotel manager/CEO, stock broker, CEO of a record/entertainment company, CEO of a computer software company. Why must we always fall for rich-asses? *deep sigh*, lol

I’ll update ep 2 soon. Meanwhile, please enjoy some signatures made by MLS fans, (credit to asian fanatics)

(click to enlarge)


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  1. MY Lucky stAR RULES!!!

    i NEVER thought that i will be this addicted to this taiwanese drama …..i even watch it from monday to tuesday morning …non-stop..hehehehe its bein a while , we i encounter this kind of drama …everything was just perfect and to think that the female lead was a korean…i really love it!!:P

    Comment by toni — April 21, 2008 @ 1:10 am

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